This device with provides the 4.5MHz radio output frequency best choice for skin surgery and clinic practice.

  • Appropriate for clinical skin surgeries
  • Fully user friendly
  • Pure and Blend Modes on CUT Mode
  • Spray and Desiccate Modes on Coagulation Mode
  • Equipped with plate connecting device quality test system (PCM)
  • Equipped with permanent Power Supply monitoring system
  • Activating Cut and Coagulation by headpiece and pedal
  • Separate alarms on Cut and Coagulation modes
  • Memory included for saving the device last working mode 

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage: 190∼245 VAC

Output Frequency: 4.5MHz

Max. Power: 40Watt

Input Frequency: 50∼60 Hz

Max Input Current: 2 A

Main Fuses: 2×4 A

Weight: 3.7 Kg

Dimensions: 33×29×12.5 Cm

Safety Futures:

Accordance with IEC601-1(2005), IEC601-2-2(2006)

Type of Output: CF

Neutral Electrode-Earth Connection: Floating Output

HF Leakage Current: Monopolar<150 mA

LF Leakage Current: Normal Condition<10 μA

Single Fault Condition<50 μA