Electrosurgical Unit SMART-4



Merging three devices (Electrosurgery+SMART Seal+SAMRT Ablation) in one package, has made it the most perfect device available in the market.

The device is provided with various technologies such as:

  • Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgery
  • SMART Ablation
  • SMART Vessel Sealing

In one set has ability to meet the needs of specialty and subspecialty of open surgery and laparoscopy in the range is as follows:


General Surgery








The design of this device effort considering the high performance, user friendly, with visual appeal has been done.

  • Merging Electrosugery, SMART Seal and SMART Ablation in one unit
  • Argon gas unit connectivity
  • Double synchronous monopolar output
  • Cardiac and Thoracic surgery
  • TUR surgery
  • Five working modes on Cut Mode
  • Five working modes on Coagulation Mode
  • Two working modes on Bipolar Mode
  • Two working modes on SMART Vessel Sealing Mode
  • Two working modes on SMART Ablation Mode
  • Auto start/ auto stop of Bipolar system
  • Equipped with HFL/ OUTPUT EPR/ TIMEOUT ERR recognition systems
  • Fully compatible with single-edged and double-edged plates (diagnosing plate adhesion quality to the patient’s body)
  • Separate pedals for activating Monopolar, Bipolar and Smart Part systems

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage: 190∼245 VAC

Input Frequency: 50∼60 Hz

Max Supply Current: 3.8 A

Main Fuses: 2×4 AT

Weight: 10 Kg

Dimensions: 40×48×16 Cm

Safety Futures: 

Accordance with IEC601-1(2005), IEC601-2-2(2006)

Type of Output: CF

Neutral Electrode-Earth Connection: Floating Output

HF Leakage Current: Monopolar<100 mA , Bipolar<50 mA

LF Leakage Current: Normal Condition<10 μA

Single Fault Condition<50 μA

Protection Class: I

Sink Current<500 μA

In common devices, the output power of the device decreases by a change in the tissue type and impedance. Then, in order to solve this deficiency, the output current and voltage are measured continuously and the output power is adjusted smartly based on the target tissue resistance. This leads to delivering a fixed power within a wide range of tissues. 

SMART Vessel Sealing Technology: Smart Seal Technology is of the greatest aides to the surgeons for quick and effective Clamping of vessels during operations.


  • Ability of clamping large vessels, up to 7 mm in diameter
  • Reducing surgical critical times
  • Vast range of use in open surgery and Laparoscopy
  • Reduction in tissue damage and minimum carbonization effects
  • Less transmission of the disease
  • More strength in stitching against blood pressure

SMART Ablation (Coblation) Technology: SMART Ablation technology is a modern method in intelligent elimination of the target tissue in Chloride of soda with the least damage of the adjacent healthy tissues. This technology includes a modified radio waves generator with the ability of continuous measuring and controlling of the voltage and the output current and it is a special SMART Ablation device. During the operation the controlled application of the radio waves leads to ionization and developing plasma around the surgical device handset opening. The plasma created by the radio waves leads to breaking down the cell molecular connection and eliminating the damaged tissue under operation. In this way, the intended tissue can be removed with high accuracy without using any cutting and heating to

SMART Ablation application:

Arthroscopy surgery: Knee, shoulder, pelvis, ankle, elbow and wrist joints

Urology surgery: TURBT and TURP surgeries

ENT surgery: Reducing turbinate mass, Tonsillectomy, adenoid, sinus surgery, snort treatment, nose bleeding treatment, Orthognathic surgery, throat ulcers, and laryngeal damage.

Gynecology: Sub mucosal fibroid (mayoma) ,Hysteroscopic septal resection ,Endometrial ablation.

SMART Ablation technology features:

  • Least tissue necrosis in depth of almost zero (40 μm)
  • Eliminating blood sugar syndrome
  • Reduction in surgical times
  • Preventing wound inflammation
  • Quicker postoperative healing period
  • Least bleeding during and after surgery
  • Keeping a low temperature in the wound
  • Minimum risk of postoperative adhesion and endometrial damage to lower the risk of infertility in gynecology
  • Minimum risk of uterine rupture in gynecology

Plug & Play: This unit recognizes all the surgical tools connected to the system smartly and adjusts the operating mode and output power automatically based on the connected tools.

Ease of activation: To make it easily applicable, SMART Seal and SMART Ablation can be activated using a handpiece and a pedal.