Product Name:

SMART Ablation in Arthroscopy fields



Package Details:

Knee, shoulder, pelvis, ankle, elbow and wrist joints

SMART Ablation technology that belongs to AVANteb Company is a modern method for the intelligent elimination of the target tissue.

This technology creates a controlled, stable plasma field to remove tissue precisely at a low relative temperature using bipolar radiofrequency energy under a conductive medium like normal saline (Sodium chloride solution).

AVANteb’s electrosurgical units create this bipolar radiofrequency energy. When current from the radiofrequency instrument passes through the saline medium, it breaks saline into sodium and chloride ions. These highly energized ions form a plasma field that is sufficiently strong to break organic molecular bonds within soft tissue, causing its dissolution and resulting in minimal thermal damage to surrounding soft tissues.

SMART Ablation Features:

List of features of this product
  • Least tissue necrosis in the depth of almost zero (40 μm)

  • Eliminating the risk of blood sugar syndrome

  • Reduction in surgical time

  • Preventing wound inflammation

  • Quicker postoperative healing period

  • Least bleeding during and after surgery

  • Keeping a low temperature in the wound

  • Minimum risk of postoperative adhesion and endometrial damage to lower the risk of infertility in Gynecology

  • Minimum risk of uterine rupture in Gynecology