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Dentistry, ENT, Gynecology and animal surgery

SMART-3 Features:

List of features of this product
  • Appropriate for minor and office base surgeries such as Dermatology,

  • Dentistry, ENT, Gynecology and animal surgery

  • Fully user friendly

  • Pure and Blend modes on Cut

  • Spray and Desiccate modes on Coagulation

  • Soft and Forced modes on Bipolar

  • Separate alarms for Cut, Coagulation, and Bipolar

  • Memory mode included for saving the device last working mode

  • Equipped with patient return electrode continuity monitor (PCM)

  • Equipped with High Voltage Power Supply Monitoring system (PSM)

  • Equipped with High-Frequency Leakage Monitoring system (HFLM)

  • Activating Cut and Coagulation by instrument

  • Activating Monopolar and Bipolar by footswitch

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