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Merging three devices
Electrosurgery + SMART Vessel Seal + SMART Plasma Ablation

SMART-4 Features:

List of features of this product
  • Compatible with Argon Plasma Coagulation unit

  • Compatible with SMART Ablation instrument

  • Compatible with Smart Seal instruments

  • Five Working Modes on Cut

  • Five Working Modes on Coagulation

  • Two Working Modes on Bipolar

  • Two Working Modes on SMART Vessel Sealing

  • Two Working Modes on SMART Ablation

  • Appropriate for endoscopic polypectomy, papillotomy, and ERCP

  • Appropriate for Cardiac and Thoracic surgery

  • Appropriate for TUR surgery

  • Auto start and Auto stop of Bipolar system

  • Equipped with HF Leakage / OUTPUT EPR/ TIMEOUT ERR recognition systems

  • Fully compatible with split and non-split patient return electrodes (Diagnosing contact quality to the patient's body)

  • Double synchronous monopolar outputs

  • Separate footswitches for activating Monopolar, Bipolar, and SMART PARTS systems

Smart Output Power Adjustment

In common devices, the device’s output power decreases by a change in the tissue type and impedance. Then, to solve this deficiency, the output current and voltage are measured continuously, and the output power is adjusted smartly based on the target tissue resistance. This leads to delivering a fixed power within a wide range of tissues, minimizing thermal effects and the risk of burning.

Plug & Play:

This unit recognizes the surgical instruments connected to the system smartly and adjusts the operating mode and output power automatically based on the connected instruments.

Ease of activation:

To make it easily applicable, SMART Seal and SMART Ablation can be activated using a handpiece and a footswitch.

Technical Specification:

Safety Futures: